I am really proud to have been featured in The Leap Stories by the wonderful Kylie Lewis from OfKin. This blog series takes a peek at the stories of people who have made a leap in their working lives. I love how Kylie described my own leap, she wrote,

"The surface story of Emma’s leap from a highly successful international career as a gender-based violence (GBV) expert, leading research into GBV in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities for organisations like the United Nations, to start her own business,  The Equality Institute. For a long time Emma was the superwoman in her relationship, managing a multi-million research project, breastfeeding twins while working full-time in South Africa, and travelling regularly. Emma’s husband is the primary caregiver of their three children.  In Sheryl Sandberg’s lexicon, Emma had ‘leaned in’. All the way. So much so that she ended up face down."

I did end up face down, but I'm happy to be standing upright again.

Here's the link to the full story