“I love life and life loves me.” I can’t remember where I first heard this but it has become my favourite mantra. It’s not what I say while I’m meditating as such, but something I say to myself regularly while I’m driving kids somewhere, inevitably late, or wiping up smeared yoghurt from the floor, or looking out my office window as I reply to emails. 

I know it’s a little corny, ok a lot corny. And you may think I’m bordering on certifiable talking to myself like this. But the truth is, you speak to yourself in your mind all the time. In fact, if you said out loud all that was going on in your head every second of every day, you would probably be admitted to hospital.

However, your stream of consciousness is usually so unconscious that you don’t even notice it. And sadly, for many people, what they say to themselves is, basically, pretty negative. “I’m so stupid”; “I look terrible today”; “People are horrible”; “The world is such a mess”; “My life sucks”. Blah, blah, blah.

This is no small matter however, because what you think, determines your reality. You may not realise it, or even believe it. But I promise you, this is the way life works; it is as dependable as the endless stream of laundry. On the up side, thoughts can be changed. I find it particularly helpful to replace negative thoughts with something more positive. Hence, “I love life, and life loves me.” I say this especially when I’m not feeling particularly enamoured with life. When the news is too depressing. When I’m feeling frazzled trying to juggle work and family, or when I’m about to lose my cool with the kids for fighting over the same truck (again!). It may start off as a slightly hallow set of words, but it reminds me to be grateful. It reminds me to appreciate the little things, which to be honest, are really the big things.

And this brings us the second part of the saying, because when you feel grateful, you are more connected to life. You feel more appreciated. You feel more loved. And you are, loved. Not because you are beautiful, or did a great job at something. But you are loved simply for being. I don’t necessarily mean by a God, because we don’t all believe in one of those, or even by your family or friends. Rather, the mere fact that you exist, unique little you, means you are special, important. A vital part of the universal whole that is life.

I truly believe that what we focus on expands. Now more than ever this seems important. If we focus on hate and what divides us, we will only see that increase. It might seem trite, but I’m going to focus on love and the beauty of life. So, I’m starting a little ‘I Love Life’ campaign. I’m going to share an image everyday that reminds me why I love life so much, reminds me of the beauty of humanity, that there is unity in diversity. Join me! Share the little things that remind you how great life is. Big, small, silly, serious. It doesn’t matter, as long as it makes you grateful. Find the love and beauty in the everyday. #ILoveLife