“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”       E.E. Cummings

Belief seems to be a recurring theme in my life at the moment. I am immersed in writing a book about the search for one's true beliefs. I have been doing a meditation series related to how our beliefs - the most intimate and deeply held ideas we have about ourselves, others and the world - filter our everyday experiences, even if we don’t realise it. And last week in the lead up to a business coaching session with OfKin I was asked to write a list of 50 things that I believe. In a virtual stream of consciousness this is what I wrote:

I believe...

  1. I am loving and loveable
  2. I have a story to tell
  3. We are all one
  4. In kindness
  5. In being present
  6. That sharing my own messy journey may help others find their own true path
  7. In humanity
  8. In the written word to create change
  9. That our thoughts create our reality 
  10. That gratitude is one of our most powerful emotions
  11. That women have the right to live free from violence
  12. That what we focus on expands
  13. That we become our beliefs
  14. That anything is possible
  15. In beauty, and its power to reflects back to us the beauty of our souls
  16. That we are part of the universe, and the universe is part of us
  17. In positivity
  18. In spending time in stillness everyday
  19. In being true to yourself
  20. In working for social justice
  21. In my friends
  22. That children learn by witnessing how you treat yourself, not only how you treat them
  23. In compassion 
  24. In sharing food with family and friends 
  25. That we all share the same indelible human rights 
  26. In being brave, again and again
  27. In looking after the earth
  28. That we are spiritual beings having a human experience 
  29. That working towards greater self knowledge is my lifelong journey
  30. That I don't own my children - they are their own beings
  31. That we all have something unique to offer the world
  32. That I have a purpose 
  33. In being grateful everyday
  34. That life is magical
  35. That worry serves no purpose
  36. That life exists in the now
  37. That we are all equal but must work to make that a reality in our society
  38. That I am powerful
  39. We should all laugh more
  40. That I am creative
  41. In the rejuvenating power of nature
  42. That sometimes we learn the most through hardships 
  43. We are experiencing whatever we are because it has something to teach us
  44. If you don't listen to the lesson straight away the message will keep getting louder
  45. In not judging others
  46. That I am whole
  47. In trusting my intuition 
  48. That my deepest desires point me towards the path of my true self 
  49. That everything will work out for the best
  50. That when you are your most authentic self and pursuing your dreams, the universe wraps you in stars and carries you on a cloud to your destination and beyond.


I share this personal list with you in the hope that it may encourage you to uncover your own deep beliefs, because belief is the foundation of your life’s meaning. And writing this list made me realise that despite having occasional negative thoughts, my deeply held beliefs are positive. What I fundamentally believe to be true, and what drives my life, is underpinned by gratitude and love and hope. These beliefs seem like the most natural thing in the world to me now. As if I have always known them to be true. But this was not always the case. 

For many years I had a conflicting and negative set of beliefs. I believed I was a sinner, that I was imperfect. Never enough. I was a soul divided, smothered in guilt. And those beliefs drove me to a distorted double-life (which is a story for another day) filled with turmoil and self-destruction. For many years those harmful beliefs marked my body, like an intricate blue tattoo on an old man, faded from youth but still visible. 

On reflection, my shift in consciousness eventually came not from burying my negative beliefs, but by bringing them into the light. Interestingly, simply recognising their existence was not enough to convince me that they were false. However, over time, by sitting in stillness I connected with what I call my ‘true self’ - which has always been whole and at peace and loved and loving. And in the presence of that knowing, my negative beliefs dissolved. There was no room left for them in my heart which was overflowing with gratitude and fulfilment.

So, what do you believe? What's your truth? Bring your beliefs out into the beautiful sunshine, I say, and go from there. 

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